Where is my order?

Hey guys!

Thanks for joining the Raspiboy adventure!

This message address to the orders from number 744 to 1270 (because after 1270 message on order page already notified of that).

I recently received a lot of orders at the same time and I thought we would have enought stock to cover your orders but recently the factory feedback to us that a part of the first production PCB had a defect so we are out of stock of this first production of PCB…

We started right away the second production of a revised version of the PCB and it should be ready approximatelly the 5-10th of November

The good news is that the new revised PCB will enable charging the battery and playing at the same time (which was a limitation of first batch of PCB) and other improvements.

I am very sorry about this delay. And of course if you don’t want to wait anymore I can cancel/refund your order.

I will post updates of the second production here and on the forum : forum.8bcraft.com