LCD flickers/blurs

This is because the default theme of retropie (carbon) is really not adapted for small LCD. You can install “GBZ35” or “pixel TFT” themes which have bigger fonts, and better rendering on small LCD.

Still the Raspiboy use the composite signal of the raspiboy, so the picture will always be a little bit flickering. But this is mainly in emulation station main menu. In games it should not be much flickering. It’s because emulation station native resolution is for big TV and it does not scale down perfectly.

LCD is all white, what is the reason?

The full white LCD can have 2 reasons :

– either LCD is not connected correctly. If the black bar of the connector is not pushed down correctly.
– Either the LCD ribbon teared/broke.

Can you please check if the LCD ribbon has not broken/teared when you assembled the kit?

Also you can check our Trouble shooting faq here.