Trouble shooting FAQ

LCD shows lines like this :


This kind of line means that AMT630A (IC that drives the LCD with raspberry pi composite signal) does not receive signal.

  • What raspberry pi zero do you use v1.3 or W? (reminder v1.2 is not supported). It is a new one or have you used it before, does it has solder on pads/bias? Solder can prevent good contact with pogo pins.
  • Double check the Raspberry-pi Zero sits in the right side/position.
  • Are you using the 8BCraft SD card? If you use one of your own maybe it’s not compatible with raspberry pi zero.
  • What software have you installed on SD?
  • If you use a SD that you used before on another raspberry pi, please double check config.txt configs, that there is no “force HDMI” option.
  • Check if the LCD cable is attached correctly in his connector.
  • Check that the pogo pins and your raspberry pi zero test pads/vias are clean, that there is not grease of whatever. You can clean them softly to be sure.
  • Check (in the dark room) through the micro-USB port hole if you can see the raspeberry pi zero activity LED turning on and blinking?


LCD shows nothing/is black but the LEDs turn ON and the unit works on a HDMI screen?

What software do you use? This error usually happens when using the raspberry pi zero W. It is not supported and induce failure of the PCB.


No sound from speaker and headphone?

Have you modified config.txt as explained in assembly tutorial?

L or R not working?

It is very likely that the contact silicon is not clicking well. It is quite tricky to close the casing with these 2 silicon pads. Also it is not perfectly aligned with the plastic L/R buttons. So it can stop clicking correctly.

  • Check that it is clicking correctly. You should sense a soft click when clicking.
  • Open the case check silicons if they are correctly placed and are clicking on the plastic buttons.
  • try to close again, before screwing try to click the L and R feel if it’s clicking correctly. If not open again then try close again and so on.

You can fill the inside of the L/R plastic buttons with hotglue glue or cardboard or something else in order to make it easier.


Gamepad going crazy on some buttons?

  • Try to clean the PCB on the place where the button don’t work.
  • Check that the small round black contact inside the silicone is not dirty and is dust free
  • Check that the silicon are well placed inside the casing.

If nothing change contact by email the PCB is likely faulty and need to be replaced.