I – Customer service

A – Shipment/order follow up

  • Your order is still on “processing” ? Please note that we need 3-5 days to process the orders. So if you order is still processing no worry it will ship soon.
  • Your tracking say “electronic notification received” (mainly for swisspost packet) : it’s because tracking update only when they reach europe. No worries there.
  • Your packet is lost or the tracking has not updated for a long time (more than 30 days)? First please check with your local post office if they have the packet. Then the most likely issue is that the packet is held by your country custom service. In which case they might contact you by letter or phone depending on your country. If that does not help please submit a ticket so we can help to check on the packet.

B – Hardware issue/question

Also you can visit the forums to have a look if that solve your issue : If that does not solve your problem please describe clearly your problem in a new ticket.

C – General question

Please submit a new ticket.

II – Press contact

You can contact us at . Note : this address is for press contact only. NO SUPPORT will be given there. Any support/general question asked there will be overlooked.