Pack of 10 defective RetroStone1 motherboards


10 defective RetroStone1 motherboards

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This is a pack of 10 defective RetroStone motherboards (single board computers). They feature :
  • 3.7V Lipo battery management and 5V boost
  • Audio amplification for mono speaker
  • AV to RGB24 video signal with AMT630A chip supporting the classic 3.5″ 320*240 LCD.
  • H3 SoC and associated Ram.
Those boards are designed to be used in a game console called RetroStone. Though those boards are defective in one way or the other so they couldn’t be sold.
Most of them have a ram traces impedance issue and are not stable while using Retrorangepi as is, but that could be solved by reducing ram speed or using CFW firmware.
The rest have various issues on power, lcd, buttons or other.
While they can’t be used in the consoles because if any of the functions doesn’t work then the console doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean that they are useless as the rest of the functions work properly.
Sold as is.

Price is 29€/10pcs. You can take several pack of course.


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