Raspiboy kit – Fully loaded

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This is the fully loaded Raspiboy v1.2 pack! It includes :

  • 6000 mAh battery
  • 16GB memory card
  • 3 USB gamepads compatible with Raspiboy (write the colors you want in order comment)
  • 1 Extra USB kit that you can solder to add a USB output to your Raspiboy
  • The plastic casing
  • 3.5″ LCD
  • Speaker
  • 8BCraft PCB v1.3
  • Gamepad PCB and buttons

Please be sure to be aware that this is an electronic kit and requires assembly + $5 raspberry pi zero and that no software is included.

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This is the fully loaded pack (rev 1.3)!

Please be sure to be aware that this is an electronic kit and requires assembly + $5 raspberry pi zero and that no software is included.

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18 reviews for Raspiboy kit – Fully loaded

  1. Charlie

    Hi there. I was just wandering whether this console comes preloaded with the games and OS or if you have to load them on yourself

    I’ll just give it five stars for the sake of the reveiw

    • Admin

      The fully loaded does not come with OS/games installed. Fully loaded means it has all options (bigger battery, Sd, 3 gamepads and so on.)
      But you still have to provide the 5$ raspberry pi zero and install software
      Which is super easy

  2. Chris

    Does it come pre built or do you have to build it? As shown in unbox therapy video was fully built already. Looks amazing by the way. I can’t wait to own one.

    • Admin

      It does not come pre built, you will have to provide the 5$ raspberry pi zero, it is only sold 1 max per customer so I could not include it in the kit. It’s the main reason why it comes as a kit!

  3. Kyrie

    hi there . i was wondering whether you shipped this thing to asia or just in the US ? i cant wait to have one


    • Admin

      Yes we ship to Asia as well!

  4. Kevin

    I would no mind if we had to pay more if it came with the games built in not really good with roms or anything

    • Admin

      We’ll make a new kit later with pre-assembled (in few months) but there will still be no games pre-installed

  5. Daniil

    Hi there. Do I need to order the pi zero board only or with power adapter as well to charge the thing? And where to copy roms on the sd card?

    • Admin

      Hi there!
      You can use any 5V 1A-or-more micro USB charger. If you don’t have one yet you can get the raspberry pi one it will work great.
      To put roms you can use a USB stick, it’s described there :

  6. Dylan

    Does the software come installed already or how would I go about doing that and same goes for games

    • Admin

      Software is not included, you can use Retropie for example it’s really very easy to setup. You can check on youtube for installation tutorial

  7. benoit

    hello,i want to know, if you have stock actually ? and whn you deliver if not ?

  8. Janale

    Hello, I was interested in buying this for my son. Does it come as a console with games on it? If not can i have the link for the os and games?

    • Admin

      Hi there,
      Please note that we sell electronic kits to build a game console not fully assembled consoles.
      However the aim of the kit is to help kids and adults to discover electronics and raspberry pi with a fun, intuitive and easy kit.
      The software you can use is called retropie, it’s very easy to install too.

  9. Manuel (verified owner)

    since a few days I have the Raspiboy and I am really happy with this device. I have waited a long time for exactly a device like this one! It is very easy to put it together and it works very well. I will use the Raspiboy mostly as a handheld but the possibility to connect the device to the TV (with additional 3 controllers) is already very cool. In addition, the price performance ratio is very good.

    The only criticism on my part: I would have liked that there is a slot for the SD card. If you want to exchange the SD card, you have to dismantle the device again.But from my point of view this is not a reason to pull off a star!

    You have done a great job Pierre.

    Best regards

  10. Havish

    If it doesnt come with a raspberry pi zero so where can i get the it

  11. Rett Goings

    My case arrived cracked and after contacting the owner a week ago I have not heard one thing in response.

    Can’t use my unit.

  12. Keith Wilson (verified owner)

    Amazing little build! Loved it… I decided that after four pints of beer, it was the best time to start … to be honest I got further than I expected… If I can do it drunk, you can do it sober!

  13. Pierre Julien

    Hello Pierre,

    I’m considering buying the Rapisboy but I want to know which version of the Rapsery Pi Zéro I should buy. There’s currently two versions (Pi Zero v1.3 and Pi Zero W)….which one should I take ?
    Thank you for your answer

  14. Paul

    if the games aren’t preinstalled, which sites do you get them?

  15. Dan

    Hello. Can i put a raspberry pi 3 inside?

  16. Jaron

    How much is it in US dollars?

  17. Austin

    Dumb question how much is this in american dollars?

  18. Gareth F

    Just wanted to share my thoughts on this amazing device. I bought the Raspiboy in September 2017 and am completely in love. Fantastic quality, clean design and it JUST WORKS! Added in all the NES, SNES, GB, GBC and GBA games that I wanted (+1,000 games) and they all run perfectly. The low res screen is great for the older games as it’s far more forgiving compared with a modern HD screen. Just buy, build and enjoy. Thank you so much Pierre for this innovative and well delivered project.

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