RetroGaming is constantly gaining in popularity, especially with the developments of single boards computer (raspberry pi, orange pi...) that enabled us to make homemad retrogaming consoles. However those required lot of knowhow on electronics and DIY. You may have seen "Gameboyzero" projects on internet and understand how difficult assembling one can be!

First with Raspiboy I wanted to simplify things for you guys by making an easy kit with no soldering. But now I want to go even further by making RetroStone which come fully assembled!

Play on TV !

Up to 5 players


Take it anywhere!

No more boring flights for you!

Inside you have a RetroStone Pi, this SBC (single board computer) runs a H3 processorwhich is 4 cores 1.2GHz.


But wait! You are saying that we can play any game of our childhood, what does it mean exactly? Does the kit comes with games integrated?

Software : Retrostone Pi is compatible with Retrorangepi (Retropie distribution for H3 boards). Retropie is an awesome emulation station software (super easy installation, it will be explained step-by-step in the tutorial!). You can check them on Youtube for demo ! Those softwares come with a wide range of systems supported : Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Super Nintendo, Megadrive/Genesis, Atari, MaMe and so on. You can have a look here to all the supported systems.

RetroStone Pi is also compatible with most other H3 SBC OS (armbian, android...).

Please note that the software will not be pre-installed because these are open-source softwares and their license forbide it.

Games : To install a game you need it's ROM file. A ROM file is a computer file containing all the game's data. You can legally download ROM of unlicensed games on the internet. For licensed games legality of downloading ROM depend on your country. In some you need to have original copy of the game. In some others it may not be legal at all to download ROMs from internet.

Then to install the ROM you can transfer it with USB stick to RetroStone.

Develop your own game, share them and discover other RetroStone user's games ! 

I think there's a lot of potential to develop and share your games! A topic will be opened on the forum about game idea, development and sharing.


The main advantages of RetroStone compared with Raspiboy are :

- Easy memory card access

- Assembled and fully tested

- Compact form factor

- More powerful CPU

- Ethernet, more USB connectors and full size HDMI

Size comparaison of RetroStone and Raspiboy

By connecting a screen, keyboard and mouse, your console becomes the perfect living room computer. Write a novel, surf YouTube or watch your movies on your big screen while kicking back on your couch.


Makers I have not forgotten you! RetroStone may come assembled but we left room for customization!

RetroStone has 26 GPIO available, with built-in pull up resistors

4 of those GPIO have optional buttons built-in the RetroStone Pi. And casing has layout for those optional buttons! So you just have to drill the buttons holes to add those buttons.

EnergySquare is an innovative wireless charger. RetroStone embedded their charging system! (You can still charge with micro-USB of course!)

With the two contact pins it charges by contact directly, so it's faster than induction charging.



It can be :

  • For yourself to have some good fun with friends.
  • To make a gift to a special someone.
  • To discover the world of hackerspaces, fablabs and SBC (single board computers).

Kickstarter backers could get their hand on the limited edition clear blue color of the RetroStone! Make sure to follow our facebook page and to suscribe to the newsletter to make sure to get future Kickstarter releases 😉


Get the RetroStone now!