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Please choose between Normal and Pro editions. If you’r a casual gamer or unsure which to choose, the normal edition is probably enought for you. Pro version adds joystick and some non-essential features that may interest advanced users.

Please be sure to be aware that RetroStone2 come with no software. (which is very easy to do, tutorial is here)

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RetroStone2 is a handheld console that use a A20 processor. This is the equivalent of a single board computer with external peripheral to make it convenient for video games, specially for retrogaming.

This is designed to be compatible with Armbian distribution of Linux, as well as with Retrorangepi the Allwinner version of the famous Retropie emulation software.

Please note that RetroStone2 does not come with any software, it should be considered as a single board computer. You will have to install the software to the memory card (which is really easy by the way). Tutorial can be found HERE

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Contents :

  • RetroStone2
  • microSD card with adapter microSD-SD
  • Pack of extra buttons

Charger (micro-USB 5V 1.5A+) is not included. (Because most people have tons of such chargers at home.)

See full description here :

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Weight 0.3 kg

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Normal, Pro

3 reviews for RetroStone2

  1. Dirk Möller (verified owner)

    I am super satisfied with the RetroStone2! All the classic Nintendo Games from SNES and the whole GB family work good. The screen is awesome!

  2. montalent (verified owner)

    After the configuration step ( very good tutotrial here :, quite simple), It is a great pleasure to play all the games you want (snes for me, but all the 32 bits and less ! ) ! Mostly, it is easy to run games ( not already in the retrostone, but very simple to get them, just write the name and ROM in your web browser and for free), if you have problem the forum is very active !
    I play game boy, snes, mega drive, colecovision (many other possible) everywhere with my retrostone 2, and I can play on TV too and with friends ! I was a dream for me when I was young, and now this dream come true !

  3. RGHandhelds (verified owner)


    I received the Retrostone 2 device from Pierre & the first thing that strikes you from the original Retrostone devie is the pure quality of the device and the amazing newer screen. They have done a great job on the Pro device adding newer features and welcome improvements like adding m.2 ssd support, hi res screen, glass screen, wifi-bluetooth, 8Gb NAND not in use yet but soon it will. The device has been very easy to transfer my games onto the device i simply used my .m2 ssd as a backup with all my games on them simply transfer them to the ssd card all from the RS2 device using the desktop environment could not be easier. Going forward i will look forward to what projects are released in the future and what newer improvements in the next version until then grab yourself a RS2 Pro you won’t be disappointed now shipping with a analog joystick control too on latest model.

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