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RetroStone – Update 16 – Clear blue case sample

Hey guys!

I received the first blue case samples!

Supplier made 2 tones for me, if you want to help choose the one you prefer, light or deep.

If you have comment on the color don’t hesitate I can ask to change still.



Also I got some more sample pictures :

Box sample from another supplier




Well that’s it for today!


2 thoughts on “RetroStone – Update 16 – Clear blue case sample

  1. Hello,
    I wish to buy this consol Retrostone, but my question is how can I buy it with the blue case, because I like the blue colour case ore another, black or red. I am waiting for reply 🙂

    1. The clear blue was a limited edition, it will not be available in the future. However it is possible that we make other clear case color limited edition in the future!

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