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RetroStone – Update 20 – Somes pictures and update

Hey guys,

Just a quick update with some pictures and news!

The PCB assembly started, here are some pictures :

The panel of 2 PCB that goes in assembly line :

The whole assembly line picture

AOI check :

Solder paste machine :

Solder paste machine 
Solder paste machine

After first side SMT process :

And some components arrived :

Batteries :


That’s a lot of batteries!!

LCD in they bulk pack.

The L/R button PCB.

The L/R button PCB wires


So overall we are still on schedule to start shipping the 23rd of July! Hope it runs smoothly 🙂

Also about Retrorangepi I got news from the developper, he told me he should be able to build a retrorangepi RetroStone image soon! In which he made some nice adjustments, such as preinstalling the GPIO buttons.

That’s it for today!

Have a good day,


PS: Raspiboy rev1.3 is on Kickstarter, here’s the link that I forgot in last update :

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